Monday, May 16, 2016

Dajia Crafts amazing journey continues

There’s an old saying that’s been going around forever and it’s “everyone has a story” and as long as I’ve been around, I have had a chance to hear many and some have actually brought tears to my eyes, this happens to be one of them. I caught Dajia Craft while she was still in middle school and was impressed with her passion and basketball IQ so it was a no brainer she’d do well in high school. She ran the "one" for Cy Falls,  who finished the season as one of the top teams in the toughest district in the area, which equates to her getting the job done on one of the state’s top teams but it wasn’t easy as she battled numerous injuries to get back to where she was

The story doesn’t really start there, it started around 10 years ago when she was kidnapped and held for 8 hours and her miraculous return falls into the category of “truly a blessing” because so many times this ends in a different way. When her mom told me about this, I was simply floored because knowing Dajia, you just wouldn’t know as she is simply fun loving and carefree and looking at her knockout grades and test scores truly tells you not only is this young lady a fighter but a survivor as well and survive she has and after considering her numerous offers that were on table, she decided on Millsaps College.  

When asked what sold her on the school, she responded "I really enjoyed everything when I flew out to visit Millsaps. The school was beautiful and Coach Wink/my teammates made me feel at home... Like I was already a part of the team.  I loved the vibe I received from the start.   I feel like my court IQ and other strengths will be an asset to an already good team.  In addition, I will have an opportunity to grow, become a better player, and elevate my game to a higher level.  I'm truly thankful and humbled that Millsaps is giving me the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of earning a college education at a school with advanced rigor, while playing the sport that I've loved the majority of my life. "

I’ll close this chapter with a poem she wrote however her novel in life will continue as she continues to amaze me