Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SETX Power Elite 2019 #ClutchCityClassic

Texas is huge, I said that in the previous century and more times than not, I've always been able to find some not only competitive payers but some legitimate stars like SETX Power Elite director Gabrielle Mattox who happens to be one of those players in the greatest class of all from the area, 2005 and if you had a chance to see her play, you get it and if you didn't, well there aren't many like her since then

On their 15U team, SEYX definitely has some talent, I love speedy guards that bring heat and can score, Jayda Arguman, Telia Jackson and Shannon Whitehead fit that mode, Jackson is quite shifty with the ball while Arguman doesn't mind diving for loose balls. I love smart guards that can score because when you comprehend the game, it definitely is a plus so Jena Fregia and Alison McGalion to that column but what I really love is guards that can break defenses down, hello Richardson

Seriously I loved watching this squad get after it, Abbie Martinka filled in some of the blanks while Jordyn Beaty physique and physicality along with her age has me thinking she's going to create some issues especially if she grows a few inches but Makayla Linn created more than some Issues and gave me plenty of Answers as she made the Tip Sheet