Friday, May 20, 2016

2021 Shooting Stars show progression #CCClassic


When you look at the makeup of this squad and realize all but two of the players are not only playing up but competing against older teams, that's a bright spot in itself. I caught the Shooting Stars last season and was truly impressed with their hustle and skill set from numerous players but the BB-IQ, which is ever so important was simply mind boggling for that age as a whole and this is what I said about last seasons squad



Yvonne Foreman's athleticism continues to pay dividends and her offense has come around as well while Aaliyah Macias impressed me with her midrange game last season, nothing has changed. Alyssa Ruiz has grown, both height and game and her ability to apply pressure on both ends. Angelina Salazar continues to be an offensive threat, she and Jennifer Gamez have added even more to their arsenal of weapons

I also see Alyssa Rodriguez and Abigail Romero have been putting in work as both are on the right track and all of the players named are from the 2022 class so you better watch out. Chloe Figueroa also filled in some blanks scoring and making key plays and she and Gracelynn Alvarez are the lone 7th graders on this squad. What can I say about Alvarez, oh yeah, I said it on the Tip Sheet