Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Louisiana Lady Pumas #I10BasketballShowcase

I tweeted that the Louisiana Lady Pumas crossed the state line for the I-10 Basketball Showcase over the past weekend for a reason and right off the top, they showed me that they had some legitimate next level players. I don't if it Jamyra Mathis dropping an early 30 footer that got me going, she's explosive and can nail mid range as well,  or if it was Tyrionne Martin who countered with one of her own deep threes but that back-court was definitely loaded with firepower

Destanie Johnson and Lauren Bush are both long and athletic. Johnson's ability to play the passing lane was something I truly enjoyed but so was Bush being able to pull-up in traffic and score with ease. Bri Thompson mirrored both Johnson and Bush and she's around that magic number but the real magic was her being able to score facing or with her back to the basket. Great effort from the bench, they brought heat when they came in and this team is one of those squads that can wear you down playing you baseline to baseline

Martin did an abundance of things including a stop on a dime pull-up and she made the Tip Sheet