Friday, May 20, 2016

TX ELITE Lady Warriors 13U Blue #CCClassic

Multiple Texas Elite Lady Warriors kept me busy and from what I saw, there were  several talented players capable of playing college basketball somewhere and on the 13U Blue definitely had some in the mix. The game starts at the ONE, something I've preached forever so Denise Hernandez immediately caught my on opening day with her ability to run the team and score when needed. An abundance of athleticism from Tyeisha Pickens and Jabria Talden showed this team has a variety of looks with various combinations and when you have players like Dynisty Clayton and Shakema Broadnax filling in the blanks, well you're on to something

Moyo Orandami loves contact and with her athleticism, she could definitely blow up because she's active around the ball and can finish with contact. Kaci Johnson's size is definitely a plus, good hands and footwork for her age but again, this team had a little bit of everything. A couple of players almost mirrored each others games, Haili Archie and Briana Peguero and watching them do what they're doing now at this age has them ahead of the game and on my Tip Sheet