Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eagles star McElroy makes decision on where she'll fly next

Kiara McElroy gave me an up close and personal look when she came to our Houston Insiders tryout back when she was in the 7th grade and what immediately caught my eye was how she was a sponge, absorbing information during drills and implementing what she was told, it's just that simple, The talented young lady has had several ups and downs over her career but I love fighters especially those who show the ability to come back through adversity and with all of the nagging injuries this young lady had, she continued to show me what she was made of

Prior to her sophomore season in high school, McElroy put on a shooting exhibition in front of several big name schools by dropping three "four" point plays in a row and when you have that type of concentration, a light bulb should definitely go off. I think she finished with 8 or 9 threes in that particular game, I don't really remember but I do know this young lady dropped more four point plays than any player I've seen in my life over her career

McElroy's injuries had a lot of those same schools that were interested drop off however not to be discouraged she decided to take some visits and look for the best fit and when she flew to Colorado for a visit with Northeastern Junior College, she decided that was the right place for her. "Basketball is my love and for me to be going so far away from my family and Texas, I had to feel a connection with the coach, team and school " said McElroy " she also added "I know playing here at this level will help me become a better player and allow me to take my game to other heights"

A well rounded and thankful person, she also said "I truly believe that with God and my faith, I will succeed at Northeastern and the minute I stepped on their court, I had the vision of bringing my skills to Colorado" I mentioned she was a thankful person and told me she appreciated me helping connect her with numerous schools however I reminded her SHE did all of the work, I'm just the messenger but trust me, I think she'll be sending messages from the Rocky Mountains