Friday, May 20, 2016

SETX Power Elite #CCClassic

I liked several players on this squad, the starting five of Jolee Ponflick, Bailey Rehab, Emily Williamson, Natalee Smith and Karleigh Hensley were all in tune, played hard and more importantly, together as a team which means what, well my understanding of what it means is that they just simply got it and numerous backdoor cuts and pick and rolls along with strong inside play and long range shooting definitely were positives

Emma Kethan annd Katy Stewart seemed to be everywhere creating havoc, Shaylee Sonnier and Keila Titus brought heat with their athleticism and I know SETX director,  former Kountze star Gabrielle Mattox was pleased with all of her teams at the Clutch City Classic. Quick note, Natalee Smith showed signs of dominance on the inside and if she has another growth spurt, watch out and speaking of watching out, Emily Williamson's shooting got her on the Tip Sheet