Wednesday, May 18, 2016

LMBA 2021 #CCClassic

Anyone that knows me knows I love seeing young talented players across the state, I've always enjoyed it and before you had any type of coverage that has found it's way to out fair state, I was the one telling EVERYONE that what we Texas put out was just as good or better than what they were promoting and whether or not anyone wants to admit it, I was right and 15 years later I'm still right

I certainly enjoyed LMBA's mix of 6th and 7th graders, Arden Neff can score, knows the game and has a variety of weapons in her repertoire. Gabby Owens is overpowering inside, she already understands positioning, rebounding and finishing and what can I say about Taylor Jarrel, oh I already did as she and Samantha Velazquez made my Tip Sheet


Neff, Owens and Jarrel are the only 7th graders on this squad however the 6th graders do more than there share to show they can play up. Lauren LaRoe sho can sco is something I plan on saying and broken English or not, she has plenty of gadgets to throw at you. Jenna Williams and Chisom Amushie already get it and with their athleticism, they love to defend and do what I love, play the passing lanes. Big kudos to Romiya Hopkins, she's already a force inside and if she grows into the dominant player I think she may become, well she has plenty of time to prove me right