Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fort Bend Barracudas 10th Grade #CCClassic

The Fort Bend Barracudas got after it at Prime Time's Clutch City Classic and I'm told a number of these players attend Foster HS. Shamieera Jones, above, is definitely a throwback player and at 5'8 has the will to compete against players over 6'0 in the paint. Janice Akers is long and can finish strong off the dribble while Josie Akers, Saige Hernandez and Sadie Morelli filled in many blanks and one blank was filled by Bebe Igboanugo who made the Tip Sheet

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Pictured above is Brianna Averill who created her own shot and attacked the basket well while Hannah Brock also got to basket somewhat effortlessly as well as knocked down the long ball. This team plays under control and doesn't get flustered, Alexis Hobbs picked her spots and nailed them