Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Alexia Torres makes decision

There are so many diamonds in  the rough that I've simply watched from a young age and I knew Alexia Torres was going to amaze me years ago. Although I never caught her putting on a show for her Incarnate Word HS squad, I caught her numerous times doing some pretty unbelievable things with her San Antonio Islanders club squad

Some said she was too small, I said whatever, she simply got the job done and when you have certain things you can't teach, like comprehending the game and breaking it down, you're in the mix but what sealed it for me as far as evaluating her was watching her shoot the ball and she will go to St. Mary's University as one of the state's best long ball shooters.

She played the one when needed, she showed she could defend and her ability to play the passing lanes ranks among the best I've seen in her class but when you have players that always have a knack for being around the ball, players that are willing to take the shot under pressure and players that can DELIVER better than my mailman, you've definitely got something

I asked Torres on why she decided on St Mary's and she said " I really liked how close it was to my home, my family and friends can still watch me and I think I can help the program" Torres also said " the atmosphere just felt right, it's a small close knit group"

I'm going to close this out like she does, at the buzzer for THREEEEEEEEE