Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Phenoms tune up for this weekend #MemorialDayClassic

Okay I love talking Phenoms simply because I told everyone about the group that just graduated before everyone and continued to talk about them before they magically became players last season. This is one of the main problems in girls basketball, it always has been and it always will and by the time most people realize it, well lets just say the cycle continues and will repeat itself. This new group of Phenoms have several up and coming stars, Anna Kassim blew me away last weekend with that quick and accurate release from long range, she did it again this weekend so I guess I was right and I'm probably right about  Amaya Armstrong who made the Tip Sheet this time


The Phenoms are hosting the I-10 State Line battle featuring teams from Louisiana cause I think that's one of the state lines, I'm an EVALUATOR  folks. It will be held at San Jac,, June 4th and 5th and that's the one on UVALDE by North Shore so contact Coach DJ at 832.206.3610 for more info and Juco and NAIA coaches have been invited