Monday, May 30, 2016

GTE #MemorialDayClassic

2017 Marissa Banfield blew me away when she was 10 playing 12U running the one and I said to myself, that young lady is going to play not only at the next level but D1 ball and like magic, when I say it things seem to fall into place. With numerous OFFERS on the table, the talented PG drained 12 threes in a row at last years Rice Camp and opened this bad boy up with 3 in a row, I may have missed one but when she went coast to coast and switched from right to left behind her back and finished for an and one.............

2018 Megan Wilkinson dropped 8 threes in a game when she was in the 7th grade, nothing has changed other than she does even more, Kennedi Lofton at 6'3 keeps improving while controlling the inside and those guards bring so much heat, all I needed was some wood  to fire up the pit. Anastasia Mickens and Dereca Garrett are almost clones, Mickkens actually made the Tip Sheet

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Speaking of hot, 2018 Miya Culpepper spiced things up on Saturday, just did a little bit of everything well while Alure Wilkes is simply smooth as silk and one of the top 2019 players I've seen in the state. I actually got a kick out of all the teams GTE brought, 2018 Divine Tanks is like money in the bank as her throwback mentality of "you in't outworking me' fits perfectly