Monday, May 30, 2016

Fort Bend Stars #MemorialDayClassic

I tweeted that there were multiple future college players on Fort Bend Stars 2020 and 2021 squad and trust me, it's a plenty. '21 Raven Adams and '21 Aleighyah Fontenot could make the majority of high school rosters next year even though they're in the 8th grade, Adams has all the tools to be one of the top points to leave the city while Fontenot's ability to play multiple positions, all well, make her a definite threat to put up numbers galore. Aiken Semones has simply become more than just a 3 point player, she's already one of the top at doing that in the state but the young squad has a little bit of everything, like Kaya Rodgers who can do just that, a little bit of everything

Adams and Fontenot also did damage with the 2020 squad joining Marchelle Willis, great athlete that can score along with Teniola Keyinu whose upside is scary. Blaise Blair plays that passing lane like I like to see, she's long, her timing is on point and the crossover she made in traffic even fooled me. What can I say about Jaedyn Dunn that I haven't said, very little but the explosive guard capable of scoring in droves is simply becoming an even more all around player, she simply gets after it on both ends and what I gathered from both squads is none of their players has scraped the surface on where they'll be three years from now and that's scary. The scariest of all is Trinity Curry who is 6'5 and made the Tip Sheet