Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Houstonians #MemorialDayClassic

I was just going through memory lane and remembering not only knowing Alleah Dallas before she was born, something the "old folks" used to say to me when they knew my parents, either one before my arrival, and watching this young lady grow up right before my eyes on the court has been something to see. The Houstonians have one of the oldest programs in the city and their list of players that have come through there reads like a Who's Who of talent

The kids from the Bahamas, Kyla Higgs and Annya Moss, blew me away last season when I first saw them, as well as Erin Randall who came up with my Sunday "Block of the Day" but the talent that runs through the club knows the system and no matter what combination is out there, they simply get after it. One player who definitely knows how to get after it, she simply captivated me as a freshman and to be honest, nothing has changed because this young lady gives EVERYTHING on the floor and that's one of the reasons Ny' Asis Goldman mad the Tip Sheet