Tuesday, May 17, 2016

TX Elite Lady Warriors 15U #CCClassic

TX Elite Lady Warriors brought so man teams to Prime Time's Clutch City Classic that I'm still seeing blue and orange however not only did they bring plenty of teams, I had a chance to see some untapped talent across the board. The first player that caught my eye was Dianne Hernandez as I'm scoping out multiple courts however from afar I saw she knew how to work her way out of tight situations by handling the ball well and she could get to the basket and score

Plenty of athleticism capable of bringing heat on this squad, Shelby Ruger and Erica Thomas both did some pretty impressive things on both ends, Ruger will be on the Tip Sheet and I also liked the inside presence from both Naja Adlam and Ayanna Lockett-Miles. Adlam does what I love to see, play the passing lanes and with her physique, her upside is pretty huge and the same can be said for Sophia Slabic at the one

Abigail Woods showed she  could score inside and knock it down from outside, I'm talking about deep and the mixture of players on this squad was smooth as they simply got after it. Woods, Adlam and Thomas are only 8th graders and when you throw in Bella Kraft, Fran Brooks and Jayla Avila, that 2020 class definitely will be in the mix across the area