Sunday, May 22, 2016

Coming up I-10 Basketball Showcase review

The first time I saw Ireneshia Johnson as a freshman was in a fall league playing for Bellaire game so naturally I was  amazed that I hadn't seen her anywhere. She simply was a throwback player from yesteryear and although she wasn't six feet, she didn't appear to know that as she simply plays way above it. One of my GPR subscribers from the Big 12 asked who some of the younger players were that he she look out for at the Texas Invitational and she was one of the names I gave him as a definitely a Mid to BCS LOCK

Fast forward to now, that offer is still on the table I presume because she blew him away as well and I got a chance to see the talented young lady at the I-10 Basketball Showcase yesterday playing with the Houston Hoops in their 2nd game and she's simply added even more to her repertoire including shooting the three as well as a deadly step-back so she's not only a BEAST in the paint she's facing the basket scoring and shooting the ball accurately so once again, I was on point

Great opening day for the inaugural I-10 Basketball Showcase and even the heavy rain didn't damper my day because there was plenty of talent to keep me busy. I'll bring you a Tip Sheet on some of the top players I saw as well as a story on the new Lady Phenoms coming up you need to know about and we all remember what I said about that first group don't we, in case you don't, click on link