Friday, August 3, 2012

Houston Lady Phenoms ahead of schedule

Jessica Arroyo and Shannon Jones #2

The Houston Lady Phenoms tried to get in the first GPR Certified event held back in March but it was sold out. Their club director told me he had a lot of talented young players which was music to my ears so the second event which was held in May, they came, I saw and neither of us were disappointed as I've done several stories on the team and will continue to follow this talented group of players throughout their careers, more importantly they are all in my scouting service

Kenechi "CiCi"Udichime

I've seen them several times since that May encounter and they continue to show that ever important progression which is vital as you can't sit around and think you've arrived, no matter how good you are and especially at a young age. Kenechi Udichime and Ashley Dickson are the posts and along with Keydreana Howard and Deja Hughes, they are the only 2015 players, the rest of the squad is from the 2016 class
Keydreana Howard and Ashley Dickson

At the Prime Time National Championship, the young ladies swept their pool but ran into a tough All Missouri Attack team in the second round of bracket play and lost a hard fought battle. That meant absolutely nothing because after college coaches found out how young these young ladies were, their job as players was complete as they showed they could play with the big girls.

With so much potential on this team, Shannon Jones and Jasmyne Harris continue to show me they are ready to step into high school and pay dividends immediately and many of the others aren't far behind. Jones and Harris have D1 written all over them and we will see how that turns out