Saturday, July 11, 2015

Texas talent continues to roll and a special S/O to my baby

I've been doing this a long time and I hear people saying things like no one can call a middle school player or younger a D1 lock, well that doesn't apply to me simply because I've been doing this a long time and as I've stated several times, I know where the bar has been set and although some of these comments on social media or calls I get about "changing the game for the better" has me wanting to spend the night at the bar because for the most part, you still have plenty but it ain't what it used to be

I knew Ariel Atkins was one of the best players in the country before she played on "center stage", I knew Jasmyne Harris was a BCS player in middle school, it's not like she took a magic pill and became a player. she's always been there and I've always said it and the same with the new Texas kid that has blown up, Irinesha Johnson who is one of the most explosive jumpers in the paint I have seem, check my archives and you'll know

If you're a college coach and you want to catch the "players" early, I'm your guy, I'll keep it real always and hopefully you would want to know who the players are asap read more

I'll close with my only "favorite" player who made the #1 play in last week's TOP 5 WNBA Plays of the Week

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