Monday, July 27, 2015

GPR Under The Radar Hannah Hudson impressive at #PrimeTimeNationals

Prime Time Nationals, TX- I guess you all are wondering why I'm using Prime Time Nationals as a city, well as big as it is, I guess you could say it needs it's on zip code with close to a thousand teams, that means probably over ten thousand players and when you add coaches and parents, friends and family, well you get the picture.

I got the picture on Hannah Hudson last season watching her live and in living color at Tomkins HS, I had only seen bits on pieces of her via video but I knew that at 6'0 tall, athletic and agile and with a pretty good wing span, next level was in her future and that was based on common sense watching her in person told me she'd have several options by the time she graduates.

GPR correspondent Jim Johnson had a chance to see the talented young lady perform with the Katy Rebels and this was his take "Hudson is a hard working player and at 6'0 is just what you need when it's time to get a big rebound or block" "She can score around the basket and has nice mid-range jumper as well as guard taller players because of her length"

That's a great assessment by Mr. Johnson and let me throw she ain't done bringing it !!!!!