Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 Texas Elite Classic Tip Sheet


HOUSTON, Texas-  Houston Elite's NCAA event was at the right place this past weekend because I had a chance to see because several players were simply in " The Zone" throughout the event. I've had a relationship with Houston Elite coaches Sean Porter and Howard Randle since almost the turn of the century and their organization's alumni read like a Who's Who among some of the best player to play not only in the city but state and country.

The talent continues on this season's team with some of my tops in Texas, Sydney Carr, Rexesha Hollis, Taylor Kollmorgen and Peighton Porter and it was good to see Deirdre Dobbins back on the floor firing bullets.Here are some of the players from various teams that stood out over the weekend


Peighton Porter (Houston Elite White) you can't buy length and athleticism and you certainly can't teach heart and Porter has all of that. At 6'0, she plays the passing lanes "extremely well" and does the same on the boards, both ends. A defensive nightmare that can score

Victoria Blankemnship (Houston Wildcats) I call her Vicky B because when you watch her you will see. Grabbing a rebound on one end and going coast to coast for numerous baskets was something I've watched her do for years but she can simply take a game over on bot ends

Amarasia Raley (Nemesis) probably had one of the best shooting exhibitions of the event as she was simply in " The Zone" with five threes from numerous angles as well as countless midrange pull-ups, so she can shoot sums it up

Kylie Collins (Dream Team) also had one of the best shooting games of the event, went completely off from long range and made several acrobatic lay-ups, many resulted in and ones which is an old school three


Abby Spurgan (SA Legends Black) 6'2 with a good strong body enables her to create problems in the paint. She's physical on both ends, rebounds and finishes well



Mia Heide (MP Elite) every time I watch her I see big things ahead, she's 6'2, runs floor well and doesn't back down inside. To top that off, she can face the basket and score

Monet Jones ( Houstonians) Loved her game when she was a 6th grader, I knew big things were ahead and trust me they're coming because she has BCS written all over her. Can score inside, mid or long range, defends inside or on perimeter

Prya Ponia (HTX) love guards that can create and Ponia definitely knows how to get her shot off. She's deadly from long range and sets defenders up nicely to attack off the dribble

Heaven Mbarku-Bailey- long and athletic with plenty of upside is a the quick assessment but on day two I saw even more. She has the tools to dominate and with time, I think she'll be able to control games from multiple positions at 6'0


Sydni Johnson ( HK Express) If I get up and make an effort to find out who a player is, you know she's a PLAYA and although young, you've got to trust me on this one. She's an electrifying guard that can score, stay tuned