Tuesday, July 7, 2015

'19 Ginger Reece still a BEAST at Big State Flava #UnderTheRadar

The first time I saw Ginger Reece play, I had no idea how old she was but after I found out she was playing the way she was playing while only in the 7th grade, I knew big things would be in store for her and after a "blow them folks away" at the USA trials, trust me this young lady has a very bright future.

You look up Ginger and you get "flavor" and "zest" okay so the flavor part on the court is easy as she simply has evolved from not just a back to the basket player and zest "great enthusiasm and energy" look I didn't write dictionary

You can't teach heart and work ethic but she's also skilled and is a double double waiting to happen every time she steps on the floor for Oklahoma Select. She's doing her double-double stuff at Big State Flava, check out the video and you can thank me later