Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DC Queens 2019 Orange #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX-More day two observations from Prime Time Nationals from Girlz Prep Report correspondent Jim Johnson as he touched on some players I’ve had a chance to watch a few times and already left me with a lasting impression and it appears Mr. Johnson feels the same way


Kierra Nelson (DC Queens 2019 Orange) Long lanky and athletic and already has a great feel for the game. Good anticipation on defense and takes the ball to the basket and finishes well on offense often ending up at the line. Good free throw shooter and not only runs, but leads the break often.  The arrow is pointing up on this one.

Tavy Diggs (DC Queens 2018 Bluer) Almost a bookend to Nelson, plays hard 84' , good rebounder and scorer inside and gets to the line often. Smart shot blocker with good instincts and plenty of upside is ahead

Nina Ritchie (DC Queens 2019) the quiet one of the DC Queens triplets until you check the box score as she’s another long body that fills the passing lanes. She’s an excellent passer with much of the offense running through her at the high post elbow.  Good rebounder good defender and her range is 10-12 ft.