Thursday, July 16, 2015

'18 Murcer hit at TOC #UnderTheRadar

Jessica Murcer sold me last season at Prime Time Nationals and to be perfectly honest, I really don't know how high she'll land once it's all said and done but I do know she's a D1 player with unlimited upside. She has numerous thing things that start with S going for her, smart, skilled, shooter, scorer and steals but one of the things you can't teach, speed, and I mean with the ball just has her as a gem that you will be hearing  a lot about

At the Nike TOC, she went completely off with her 2018 team averaging just under 18 ppg, this included a 31 point outburst on the squad that only 6 players as they finished 3-2. She then played in the division title game with the 2016 squad and dropped 11 in only 8 minutes. Murcer is one of the "girls" in the 2018 class, if you haven't heard about her you will eventually