Friday, July 3, 2015

6'2 '16 Erin Wimberely key to San Antonio Islanders success #UnderTheRadar

On paper, Erin Wimberely's numbers don't tell the whole story and that's simply because she's been injured at the wrong time but on the court, she's a physical specimen with a college ready body to go along with her 74 inches. The  San Antonio Islanders blew me away a few years ago with smart talented guards that could not only shoot the lights out but basketball IQ was way above the the norm, that sold me on several players but the big girl, Wimberely, came up strong putting up double doubles galore.

She's not just a back to the basket player, she can face the basket and score, she rebounds well on both ends, runs the floor well and simply understands the game but when she showed me she could step out and defend, okay I see ya got several things on the positive end. Check out the  video to show you but she's 6'2 and can do a little of everything I said and if you know me, you know I will always keep it real but Wimberely and her teammates are coming at you as they crank it up Monday at the Super 64