Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DC Queens 2019 Blue #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX- GPR correspondent Jim Johnson took a good look at DC Queens 2019 Blue and saw several prospects at PTN. I covered one of their events last season so I already know what’s in store in fact if you check the archives, aka search bar. Here are some players that caught Jim’s eyes

Trinity Smitherman-  2 guard that is quick and takes it hard to the rim.  She has a good jump shot that well only get better and is dangerous on defense; she gets her hands on lots of passes.  Runs the floor well and has very good speed.

Lauren Wright-  5'10 strong body that plays hard at both ends and is a solid rebounder that can score in traffic which also gets to the foul line often.  Runs the floor well and can both lead the break and fill the lanes. 


Rebecca Ge- Solid point guard that is always looking to pass first but not afraid to shoot and will hit an open 3.  Loves to penetrate and dish, so be ready.  Plays solid positional defense and grabs many a loose ball on the floor.

Kailen Wright- Athletic 3/2 that plays hard the entire floor.  Strong hands generate multiple on ball steals and she takes it hard to the basket.  Also has good range on her jumper.

I already told you all this organization had some of the best young talent in the Metroplex area and with that being said, let me give a special S/O to one of their younger teams that won 4th grade  AAU Nationals in  Orlando