Monday, July 27, 2015

Opening day talent from #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX- Once again I want to thank GPR correspondent  Jim Johnson for an outstanding job on catching the talent at PTN. Jim was at various sites checking out the talented players that were on hand to showcase their skills and many of these players, I’m already familiar with however it’s always good to get someone else’s perspective. I’ll be dropping various Tip Sheets today and tomorrow so stay tuned

Brandie Simmons (Lee Green North) An all-purpose player that can hit the 3 and penetrate.  She can play multiple positions on the floor which has to be a plus for smaller Krum HS and also has good range and ball handling skills. 

Alayna O’ Connor (West Houston Select 2018)  not afraid to get on the floor.  Aggressive nature makes her a force at 5'7. Has nice touch from the baseline.

Julia Bridges (Lee Green North) good little spot up shooter from 3pt range so don't leave her open.  Can handle the ball and play point in relief but she’s a natural 2 guard.

Amaya Singleton (D1 Shooters Destiny ) had the quickest release I saw the entire tournament, she gets it off so fast and speed is a part of her game. Good penetrator, but can pull up at any second.  At 5'6 I can only imagine what’s in store with an added growth spurt


Katelyn Borman (Lee Green North) Another solid spot up shooter than runs the floor and leads the show.  Good defender that plays smart and plays within herself and rarely makes a mistake on defense.  Has good range from 3 all around the arc.