Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 2 talent continues to shine at #PrimeTimeNationals

Prime Time Nationals, TX-Day two observations from Prime Time Nationals had Girlz Prep Report correspondent Jim Johnson pretty excited as the talent kept coming which falls in line with what I always say, “talent is everywhere” and as he touches on several players who have the ability to play at the next level, I’m also seeing names of players that I already know are going to blow up. Remember there is no magic pill; the main thing is to put in the work because no one can make you a basketball player


Ugonma Obannya (Elevation Skills Houston)At 6'2 and a wing span that makes her even longer, all I can say is you’re going to like!!!!  Has soft hands and natural athletic ability.  As she learns the game and improves her skill she will become a go to player in the post. Already good footwork and squares up to the basket the shots will soon start to fall. I look for big things her senior year 


Kellie Oehmler (Lady Ice) don’t turn your back on this young lady, she’s a solid player that can operate from both the 3 and 4. She can defend, good rebounder at both ends and can create her own opportunities to score and I’m talking about a can catch and shoot scorer

Jasmine Atobajeun (Dynasty Johnson) 6'2 and long, she has good moves and a feel for the game. The product isn’t finished and would be considered raw in many areas, but to be tall and athletic is a good head start and she continues to make jumps

McKale Grant (Truth Black Celina) was one of the best 2017's of the tournament. Outside, inside, post-up; a true scorer that doesn't force it, but takes what she's given.  Smart and looks for the open teammate. Runs the break or fills the lane. Smart defender and excellent help defender. Good ball handler to boot.  Line up now coaches


DeAndrea Alexander (Lady KOE Arcadia, La) 6'2 and raw in some areas, she has plenty of upside, but the desire and ability is there now.  Still learning the skills of being a post, this young lady will catch a lot of attention as she grows and develops. Good instincts are always a plus simply because that’s something you can’t teach 



Taylor Jones (DNice Basketball) Listed at 6'1 but I think she’s 6'3 and when you keep in mind that she just finished the 8th grade her upside is through the roof. Needs to work on footwork and keeping the ball high after rebounding and playing up will only help. Added strength and weight will make her a force to be reckoned with. I think she will reach 6'5