Saturday, July 4, 2015

'16 Madi Schenck continues to rise and July will show you #UnderTheRadar

I'm playing everything back into my head when I first saw Madison Schenck simply outworking older players in the paint for rebounds. She was in the 8th grade and although she wasn't six feet yet, I knew she would be able to play at the next level simply on her desire and if she reached the magic number, that would be gravy, and that evaluation was based on her primarily creating problems in the paint.

One thing I didn't know was how hard of a worker this young lady was and the next season I'm watching her start the year off dropping 15 footers with ease and closing the club season out dropping threes. The next season, she's handling the ball, under pressure not against cones, coast to coast, you see the cones just stand there and don't move which is why I through that in but on top of everything she has improved on, her perimeter defense sold me on her playing multiple positions in college and I'm talking D1

On top of all that, when you have a player that just won't settle, she's showed that to me over and over, that means her upside is still untapped and as good of a player that I consider her now, I think big things are in store at the next level, trust me on that and for some chronological info as she cranks it up with Texas Elite Thomas at Super 64, read more