Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Big day for #UnderTheRadar Aerial Starks

College coaches love players that can shoot the midrange, it boils down to averages folks and when you get to that next level, it's broken down even more. With that being said, when Aerial Starks is on, well you're in for a treat and the buzz coming at me is she was definitely on on both ends of the court yesterday for her AD Elite squad in the  Super 64

In the second game yesterday, "Her Airness", notice the logo,  was on fire from mid and long range, not to mention off the dribble as she helped her squad overcome a second half double digit deficit for the victory and the "Aerial Attack" continues today as they have another tough one at 11:30 against Texas Elite Franey featuring Tatum "TV" Veitenheimer and Lexi "No Why" Gordon