Saturday, July 4, 2015

'16 Katie Owen ready for #AutoAwesome July #UnderTheRadar

Someone asked me about what caught my eye about Katie Owen the first time I saw her playing for Deer Park and I told them "her stroke". I was covering the Texas Invitational, the other TI and I happened to catch her school team by accident since my primary focus was on the other group of teams playing right behind each other. Owen showed me she could score in bunches quickly, if I'm not mistaken she dropped something like 12 or 13 in a span of just over two minutes

Fast forward to club ball, hey ain't nothing changed as she's dropping the long ball with ease for Texas Elite Adipure and when you throw in the midrange, well you know this young lady simply is one of those players that can definitely play at the next level based on not only her scoring but her comprehension of the game. Owen starts off with Adipure at the Super 64 and here are some of the stories I've put out about this talented guard

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