Monday, July 27, 2015

"The Beast" helps lead Oklahoma Select 2019 B2B champs #PrimeTimeNationals

They done did it again folks or if you want it said the right way, they've done it again but no matter what variation I use, the Oklahoma Select 2019 squad  not only won their second consecutive Prime Time Nationals Championship, they did it with only seven players. Karly Gore is one of the best young long range shooters I've seen over the past two years, she has unlimited range while her twin sister Macy runs the point with precision. Kaitlyn Crossthwait creates problems on both ends from the wing position while combo guard Erin Erdoes simply just gets the job done but the job wouldn't have been complete without other key ingredients like reserves Makayla "Kay Kay" Furman and Brandi Jordan who simply made the right plays at the right time

Ginger "The Beast" Reece simply blew me away last season, she simply won't let you outwork her, she battles for everything off the boards, either offensively or defensively and her physicality. she can give and take it, is simply something you can't teach as she relishes the contact and is an and one waiting to happen. The midrange looked last season and from the videos I've watched of this talented GPR Under The Radar player, the long range looked pretty good as well and her five threes in the championship game sort of tells it all. Reece finished the event averaging over 18 ppg and around 12 rpg with numerous block and steals along the way