Saturday, July 25, 2015

Northside Ballers Big Three #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX – Although there is no place I’d rather be than catching the talent up in the Metroplex are this weekend at Prime Time Nationals, Jim Johnson has unleashed an onslaught of info on talented players I’ll be bringing to you. 

First up, the Big Three from the Northside Ball Elite and I’m putting them out first since I’ve had a chance to see these young ladies multiple times and it’s always good to get someone else’s perspective and Mr. Johnson has nailed it. On another,note had I been up there I wouldn’t have had a wreck but anyway, here you go



Yazmine Kellough- Gives you everything she has and then some.  Breaks the press, scores, passes, whatever is needed.  Need a rebound, a defensive stop?  " I got it coach"

Mikayla Capone-Quick hands on defense leads to easy lay-ups.  Good speed.  Runs the floor well. Always looking for an open teammate.  At 5'7" not afraid to take it to the basket against the bigs.


Ah’Jaya Johnson- 5'7 guard does everything you ask of her and more.  Defends inside, brings it up the floor, drives, dishes and play defense.  Height will be her only liability.