Saturday, July 4, 2015

'16 Alexia Torres is ready for fireworks to begin #UnderTheRadar

True story, three years ago I'm checking out another team and I see these guards going off on another court. I've never seen these players but they were like clones, interchangeable pieces to a machine running with precision that I had to find out who they were. Alexia Torres was one of the guards, I'm watching this young lady drop 30 footers yet timing the inbound passes just right to get steals for layups numerous times. Torres is a player, any misconceptions you may have are WRONG, I've truly enjoyed this team get after it and beat teams on paper they are not supposed to, yes I will always root for the underdog, well most of the time

Can she shoot it? You missed what I said in the first paragraph, yeah she's a long ball threat yet over the years I've watched her add finishing off the dribble with contact as well as the midrange but when you can shoot and also happen to be a very smart player, you can turn games around and believe me I have seen some excitement from this young lady. Okay, why don't we do this, put down the sparkles and check what I've said prior to her cranking it up at the Super 64

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