Wednesday, July 8, 2015

JB Ballers three years later #PrimeTime

It's been some time since I first caught the talented crew for Arkansas, JB Ballers. Somehow I missed them last year at Fieldhouse Friday but I'm going back to my initial sighting back in 2012 but '19 Dasia Young is holding up some hardware and they're headed back to Prime Time Nationals to take some more back home

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The picture says it all and Kayla Mitchell is proving it on the floor game after game, you have to realize these are some talented young players and let's go back to what I wrote a few years ago

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Mya Love 

'20 Travia Woodruff and '19 Mya Love simply blew me away back then  and I've seen some clips of Woodruff and my oh my, she has simply added even more to her game while Love's game has elevated to another level and speaking of elevating, well '20 Joi Montgomery's picture below tells me something as well