Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Peggy Whitley bottom half breakdown

Me and Nancy be like "why that freshman won't smile" but Catherine Reece has been putting frowns on people trying to guard her faces in her career so I get it. I also get that Cy Woods is in pretty good shape and providing they stay healthy, they just might be in San Antonio when March rolls around. I missed their epic battle between North Shore in the Texas Invitational, I heard is worth of playing in the Coliseum in Rome, okay I didn't hear that but I know Woods has five D1 starters which is pretty impressive and they're on a collision course to play either Clear Springs or Hightower in the semifinals

Unsigned Under The Radar Unique Finley adds another element to the Hurricanes who have been causing some damage in the early going. They have some of the best young players in the area, in fact Hightower and Clear Creek probably have the deepest group of sophomores in the area. Clear Springs sophomore duo of Tasharian Robinson and Sierra Cheetham just keep getting better and are the catalyst for an exciting team, in fact both the Chargers and the Hurricanes are good enough to win this thing so, you never know which is why you play the game