Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sisters Briley and Kaley help PERK up #HoopAHolicsCamp

I saw Briley and Kaley Perkins a few months ago and let me say that both have been putting in some major work based on what I saw on the footage from this seasons HoopAHolics Camp. Briley, who is in the 2019 class, is doing some acrobatic things on the floor and watching her hitting off balance shots while receiving contact is major at this age. She did a good job creating and setting up the defense, well so did Kaley who is from the 2021 class. Kaley's midrange was on the mark or around it but what really got me going was the fact that both were on the floor after loose ball and playing tough perimeter defense and showing good ballhandling and decision making under pressure. I've said numerous times when you comprehend the little things early, everything will fall into place and it's definitely doing that for these two sisters