Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lady Warriors have me smiling #HoopAHolicsCamp

The title might be somewhat misleading however I'm just amazed and continuous improvement I see in many of these young ladies I've been watching for 3- 4 years. Whether it was Louisville, Kentucky at the Adidas Nationals a few years ago or somewhere in the Metroplex either in a camp or club tournament, I have probably seen most of the Lady Warriors more times than just about any group. One of their star players, Jasmine Brown, wan;;t in attendance but there was no shortage of players ready to show what they could do


Mikayla Hutchinson- saw star written all over her before I found out she had a BCS sister. She's long and athletic, sees the floor, is very unselfish and with her handle and ability to score.......

Jordan Dotie-good range from long and mid and showed she could create her shot

Sonia Blair-attacks the basket at will, keeps coming at you on both ends, just goes hard at all times

Jordan McGee-definitely caught my eye firing bullets on the money, exceptional speed  and athleticism, definitely ahead of the game

Katera Mays -midrange and finishing with contact are two things that she did with ease



Nina Milliner-impressed from day one simply because of the fight, knows how to run a team and defend plus can score when needed

Alyssa Lafontaine-never takes a play off, loves to and can defend and now she's attacking at every opening and finishing strong

Camryn Hill-anticipated passes, rebounded and showed she could handle the ball under pressure

Jursei Powell- did a good job during skills segment and implemented what she learned in game situation



Vasana Kearney-hustled after everything, loves to defend and created in traffic well

Kendall McGruder-did well in skills, improved on offense, sees floor and can finish with contact


Iyanna McCowan-like Bonecrusher she ain't  "never scared" and although one of the youngest, she definitely left a lasting impression and I'll close with #sizedontmatter and a video clip of her deep three