Monday, December 22, 2014

First look at several from #HoopAHolicsCamp

The great thing about first looks is that I generally have something to go on and look for each time I see young players because I always say, it's about progression. Another great thing about first impressions is when players leave lasting impressions and it was good to see players who are on the right track either by not only what they know but what they absorbed from the HoopAHolics Camp and no matter what you learn from who or where, work on it as much as possible and this goes for not only the players who are just beginning but to those who have arrived


Madison Briscoe-not 100% sure but I'm almost certain I've seen this young lady before after looking at the footage. Loves to bang on both ends and at 5'10 she can knock down 15 footers consistently

Destiny Jackson-loves to play defense, good ball-handler and can take defenders off dribble. She also finishes after contact which makes her an and one waiting to happen

Aliya Beechum-first caught my eye in skills videos, then immediately showed what she learned in game situation. Good BB-IQ, nice form and touch on shot, plenty of upside

Alexis Hawkins- she just keeps coming at you on defense, did a good job handling the ball and seeing the floor plus excelled during skill videos


Destynee Griffin-first caught my eye during the skills video but blew me away in game situation. She does some very athletic things at a young age, plays passing lane well and can elevate on shot

Victoria Hamilton- already knows how to run a team, great decision maker, crisp passes through traffic was huge. Also showed she can score if needed

Sasha Goforth-she's ahead of the game in so many areas that will keep her mailbox full. Hard nosed on both ends, won't be denied when attacking but can also hit the mid.

Alyssa Reed-also knows the importance of getting teammates involved at a young age and can actually do it. If needed, she can score but brought it on both ends

Keraya Beck-never takes a play off on either end and she plays just as hard on offense as she does defense which speaks volumes because she can score