Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Big girls impressive at #HoopAHolicsCamp

For those of you that follow me and have followed me for some time, you know there are catch phrases and words that I associate with certain areas regarding basketball and the one I use more frequently than any other is that "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" but there is a special phrase that I throw out there over and over when describing a players height and it's called "the magic number." That magic number happens to be 6'0 and if you're around that number and possess some ability, you're almost a next level lock and here's a little something on those that have already reached that


Macie Lynch -6'0 post- Great body and upside is what I saw in Lynch a few months ago and when you have a young player this size that truly gets it, you definitely have a prospect who will have options. She's strong in the paint and her IQ is definitely ahead of her years and I love the way she just keeps battling

London Scott- 6'0 post- I just mentioned Scott earlier as being one of the standouts at the camp and as I review the video I've noticed several things she has already improved on. Like Lynch, she's strong in the paint with a great body and understands the game but what I'm seeing even more of is her ability to finish even with a couple of players on her


Katelyn Levings-6'2 forward- Levings blew me away at Prime Time Nationals during Fieldhouse Friday last season as she simply dominated inside the paint on both ends with close triple doubles every time I saw her. In the championship, icing on the cake was watching her handle coast to coast and drop threes. Levings has shown me something else in the video from the camp and that's the ability to see the floor and play perimeter defense and when you factor BCS schools are all over her right now, there is no telling what position she might end up playing

Later today, I'll drop something on the players who are close to that magic number from the exciting HoopAHolics Camp instructed by lead trainer   and hosted by PassThaBall