Wednesday, December 3, 2014

North Shore's explosiveness shows in comeback win

After watching North Shore against Hightower for two quarters I tweeted this was one of the most exciting halves I've seen as the Bobcats were up 40-36 however this game was a tale of two halves and the Mustangs who were down by double digits early won 81-58 but that margin is somewhat misleading. Cy Fair was scoring almost at will in the first half and when you finish a game with four players inn double figures, wait, against one of the  top teams in the state, that should tell you something, at least it should

This was the best game I've seen Brynae Thompson play since she joined the Bobcats and she was on fire early finishing with 14 and tying Kyler Wyatt for team high. Wyatt, one of the smallest players on the court, had numerous offensive rebounds against taller players in fact she converted two for baskets in the third quarter when Cy Fair went cold and North Shore took the lead. Taylor McCowan was also on fire in that first half a she joined Angela Harris with 10 for the Bobcats. One of the turning points came when Harris had to sit with foul trouble however watching her make acrobatic shots is worth the price of admission as she probably hangs in the air and changes her shot as good as anyone in the city, boys included

Role players were huge in this North Shore victory, Alyssa Vasquez came in for Alyssa Okoene, hey Alyssa for Alyssa, how about that, but Vasquez was huge when Okoene was in foul trouble and she and Tre Norris definitely brought sparks. Kayla Mack and Tiffany were somewhat silent, Mack stopped a run with an NBA and Arceneaux simply made plays throughout the night and when you start looking at the depth on this squad, no one in the area has it. Shae Johnson brought some heat off the bench, this time on defense but this is what separates the Mustangs from most of the teams they'll face in February

I hashtag #sizedontmatter for a reason because when you're a "player" you don't look for excuses, you just, well do it and Adriiana Jackson and Chastity Patterson just did it. Jackson scored a silent 22 in the flow while Patterson dropped 35, 57 of the Mustangs 81 points came from these two young ladies which is around 70% . I just wrote again on yesterday that these two players make the team go and they simply were virtually unstoppable. Jackson with stop and pop or just blowing by folks while Patterson spent her time hypnotizing defenders with the now you see me now you don't handling of the ball or just for fun dropping the step back. I'm even more excited about Friday because I'm thinking I'll see these teams again