Sunday, December 21, 2014

#HoopAHolicsCamp gives me a great 2nd impression on many

Lot's of times I see players that catch my initially however I may not who they are which is why I always ask for rosters with correct information on them. Some of the players I see in pictures from the 2014 HoopAHolics Camp look familiar and it often makes me wonder if I'd seen them before. The good news is that when you're young, chances are I will eventually find out but for many that I've written about before, I wanted to just take a peek at what I'm noticing in their games


Cassidy Salyer -saw her last season, noticed she saw the floor, could hit the short jumper and finish with contact. She's even more aggressive on both ends and is handling the ball well under pressure

Sydney Foster-initial take was she showed lots of potential and I see she's been working. Nice midrange and showed she could put it on the floor from the wing. Battles for everything


Destini Smith- one thing you can't teach is speed and that first step comes in mighty handy when you can score from outside. Over her career, she will be a force to defend


Isabelle Earle- already shows a knack for the game, anticipates extremely well, makes good decisions and can score multiple ways. Didn't mind contact which is definitely a plus

Kayla Glover -she already has some things you can't teach and the fight that she shows on the floor speaks volumes. Glover actually loves to apply pressure, which is huge at her age plus she can score

Bria McClure-when you can catch my attention in street clothes in between games with your ball-handling that says a lot. At the camp I saw her handle the ball with ease with multiple defenders coming at her plus already understands how to get teammates involved. Nice touch from outside

Carolynn Washington-two things I said about her last season, fearless along with #sizedontmatter. Handled the ball and defended extremely well plus finished with contact