Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2020 Katelyn Levings on board for #2014HoopAholicsCamp

I always look at things logically and when I say no one covers an event from top to bottom like me, well that should mean something and with all the "gravy training" associated with the game, keep in mind that when you bring useful information, like I have for years, that definitely goes a long way. I caught Katelyn Levings playing for the  Oklahoma Swarm at Prime Time Nationals on Fieldhouse Friday, the day I said I would dedicate to the youngsters and I was so amazed with this young lady until I had to do an encore

At 6'2, she simply blew me away with her athleticism and skill set and is simply one of the best bigs I've seen at her age in my life, keep in mind I'm 55 and I have seen some great players so I'm willing to go out on a limb and say she's definitely in the running for not only MDAA honors for that class but the top player and before you wonder how I can say that, well either you know or you don't and I haven't been wrong yet plus a number of Top 25 programs already  know exactly who she is  read more

Levings joins an outstanding group of players that have registered for PassThaBall's HoopAHolics Camp, Marissa @passthaball  is the mixed tape queen and me, I'm just doing my thing and I've heard some great things about @ballhardbball  so you know I'm elated. Always remember it's not what you do, it's who you do it against but the remix adds also who you do it in front of because one things is for sure @girlzprepreport means #NoMediocre in this camp