Thursday, December 18, 2014

GT FROGZ continue hopping forward #HoopAHolicsCamp

I get a kick out of watching these young players progress and although some may start out way ahead, this stuff usually evens out as time moves forward so I said all that to say this, I really loved the improvement I'm seeing from last seasons campers. I chose this picture for a reason and you better not turn your back on these young ladies because I already saw the work ethic the many times I've seen them no matter what the score was  yet when you're able to comprehend what's being taught and apply that, you're already ahead of the game

'21 Brittney Flexer isn't in the above picture however all I can see is her ability to create and knock down shots which is replaying in my head after watching video.'21 Mia Topping continues to show she's a coaches daughter, I'm watching her direct traffic with poise each time I see her play but she's also reading plays before they happen on both ends and always remember the game starts at the one. '21 Chanfler Browning has made strides since I saw her last and she just seems to be around that ball at the right time plus her range has extended  which will create problems for defenders.

Let's also call this Sister/Sister day as the Sowells have added more skills with an abundance of athleticism. '21 Jordyn is a terror in the paint already, she goes after everything but I watched her make numerous turnaround shots down low with ease. '20 Jillian understands the concept of outrunning everyone on the fast break but her ability to finish coupled with her body control is impressive at this age, not to mention great hands. Both sisters are aggressive and with their strength and mindset, they play taller than they are