Monday, December 22, 2014

HGEE players continue progression #HoopAHolicsCamp

The Bob Knight Fieldhouse was definitely rockin last weekend with around 80 young ladies participating in @passthaball  HoopAHolics Camp. Higher Goals Elevation Elite is a program I became familiar with around three seasons ago as I watched their older teams in action at numerous events and I haven''t been able to stop watching them ever since. Sean Hardeman @ballhardbball posed a question on which players had received interest from college coaches and Myra Gordon was one of the young ladies that raised their hand.

No surprises on that end, Gordon is one of the states top 2020 prospects and the jumps I watched her make throughout the season tells me she'll be on the short list for many schools because one thing is for certain, she knows how to find ways to put the ball in the basket and she simply won't quit

Here's some more on the talented group of HGEE players in attendance


Payton Oltrogge already knows where the game starts and when you're a point guard that can keep the defense honest, you're ahead of the game. Unlimited range is the best way to sum her shooting


Dasha McMillan has several things going for her right now, one, she's 5'10 with skills and two, she actually knows when to use what she knows. She can face the basket and hit the mid or she can do damage in the paint, plenty of upside

Makenzie Shilmoeller doesn't always look to score but she can however what she already knows how to do is make plays that might not show up in the box score

Claire Reynolds is going to be close to that magic number, six feet, so she can already score inside and outside, two pluses that will go a long way. Did a good job rebounding as well