Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lights Out trio do just that #HoopAHolicsCamp

I made a special trip to see NTX Lights Out 2019 and I enjoyed what I saw so much, they were one of the main reasons I decided to implement Field House Friday for Prime Time Nationals last season. Three of their talented players were on hand at PassThaBall's HoopAHolics Camp, Jessica Cornelius, Kayla Demus and Brielle Hampton and all made the highlight video and PassThaBall's Tip Sheet

Jessica Cornelius NTX Lights Out 19′ was impressive to watch, a physical and strong player, attacked the basket with ease. She looked to score when it was open and could also knock it down from outside.

Kayla Demus NTX Lights Out 19′ was always around the ball or wanted the ball, that’s because she knew what to do with it. She made some tough shots in traffic, all over the boards. Physical player on both ends of the floor. Very fun to watch.

Brielle Hampton NTX Lights Out 19′ Great size good hands, went up strong, very physical player on the boards. Played both ends of the floor very well. Also knew when to score, she played with confidence so she was going to score regardless. Fun to watch!

Let me also add that Cornelius simply found ways to score which is going to be a huge asset down the road but what I really liked was her ability to create her shot multiple ways. I liked it so much that I'll take a look at her middle school team in a few hours. 

Dumas simply battled on every video and highlight footage I looked at, that's also the way she plays the game and when you find players at this age that go after everything, you've got a plus

What impressed me most about Hampton was not the fact that she finished but she did it with either hand ,with contact. Plenty of athleticism is going to make her very hard to handle