Tuesday, December 23, 2014

District 17 shows why it's the toughest

When I make a prediction, I usually try and use some logic instead of just saying this team did this last season or whatever because so many factors fall into place especially when it's apparent that this is the most wide opened race for state I've seen in some time. Cy Woods is arguably the best team in the area and the advantage they have is that they play in the toughest district in the area which means they'll be playoff ready before the playoffs start.

 #1 Woods, #7 Cy Falls and #8 Cy Fair all are in District 17 and although Cy Ranch is no longer in the top #15, they still have the artillery to play spoiler in the playoffs. Injuries also play a part in how this plays out and no team has suffered from that over the past two seasons like the Mustangs have

AREA Top 15