Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Girls & Boy Prep roll with five #smclassic

I've seen some strange things over the years so nothing actually surprises me but after watching Girls and Boys Prep travel to Duncanville to play in the Sandra Meadows Classic with only five players might be toward the top of the list. I'm not saying it was good or bad to do so however the only positives are parents and players won't complain about about playing time and with college coaches in attendance, if you have players, they definitely have a chance to be looked at

GBPA definitely has a couple of legit players, Eamani Brown is one of the most explosive senior guards in the area and Irenisha Johnson is one of the best 2017 players in the state, I wrote about that several times last season when I first spotted her at Bellaire and once I say it, well you know how it usually plays out and in their two games, both accounted for the bulk of their teams offense, Johnson actually scored over 20 in each of their two games

The downside of playing with five, well there are several downsides including fatigue which could lead to injuries among the top,  but these young ladies fought and managed to overcome whatever obstacles that were in front of them including a huge loss in the opening round followed by an OT loss in the second round.

Doing what they did speaks volumes about heart and mental toughness and  when I hear about teams dropping out of club tournaments because they only have six or seven for that weekend, I'll forever think about this squad traveling up 45N in the cold weather and battling with what they had