Monday, December 1, 2014

It's never too early but understand game off the court

Parents often ask me how soon is too soon to get the players names out there and my answer is "it depends on the player" and that's simply because I've seen 4th and 5th graders that simply had it and I knew they would be playing somewhere when that time came if they so desired. Brooke McCarty is a perfect example, she just had "it" at an early age and after I spotted her handling the ball and her comprehension of the game, that was enough for me to start calling her "The Chosen One"

Many of you get unsolicited letters and emails from "recruiting services" saying they can do this or that, without seeing your daughter, however as good as I am that would be stretching it a little bit. I actually watch the players and their progression and I get the job done and once again over 90% of my GPR Under The Radar players have signed, this has happened for five consecutive years

There are Under The Radar players everywhere, I know and understand that which is why I started doing this and if you want more info, click on link below and remember there is game on the court but a lot more off of it