Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ice trio show heat at #HoopAHolicsCamp

Three names that you'll be definitely be hearing about over and over and over from the 2019 class out of the Houston area is Kayleigh Truong, Taylor Thomas and Kaylynne Truong . I said these three were more than just next level players a ,long time ago after watching them numerous times first with the Pearland Hawks and more recently with Imperial Ice. I love two things in young players, understanding the simple things and never quitting however these young ladies have taken that to another level as their comprehension of the game is as good as many high school seniors right now.

I already know the positives each one brings so when I say I look for improvement in players,I can always count on these three to give it to me, keep in mind I get to see them multiple times and I actually know what to look for.

Both Truong sisters finish extremely well with either hand and can create off the dribble. I love Kayleigh's midrange which I envision will be among the states top once it's all said and done while Kaylynne is going to set three point records even beyond high school. Her ability to catch and shoot is second to none, plus it goes in the hoop which is even more important. Thomas' first step is a killer and as I watch her slice between defenders numerous times in the video for baskets, that along with her pull-up is going to make her even harder to handle as she gets older