Friday, December 19, 2014

Area talent makes noise #HoopAHolicsCamp

What's that old saying about first impressions, well I simply enjoy watching young talent especially when their attentive and get after it because hard work will definitely pay off in the long run. I caught Deja Brown and Marchelle Willis, both from the 2020 class, a couple of times last season with the Fort Bend Stars and put them on the GPR Watchlist immediately. Both simply comprehend the little things and their ability to already know how to create their shot will take them a long way.

 This years HoopAHolics Camp gave me a chance to see several other players for the first time including Crossover's Jaedyn Dunn, another 2020, whose explosiveness and ability to get to the rim and finish was among the best at the camp. This was also my initial look at '21 Genelle Greene, also from Crossover and although I've had a chance to chat basketball with her, she showed me that she actually does more than talk the game. Her BB-IQ is way up there and as a point she already understands how to run a team and with her ball-handling and ability to see the floor, she's ahead of the game

'21 Aiken Semones simply gets it at an early age and already tagged #sizedontmatter after watching her numerous times, she doing an excellent job at getting her shot off quicker and accurate. Being able to catch and shoot is a plus and when you can have defenders on their toes waiting for the shot, it's good to be able to put it on the floor and attack which she does quite well. Check out links below on other area talent

Perkins sisters recap

Imperial Ice Trio recap

Skyrise's '21 Kyndall Hunter has added even more to her game since I caught her at Prime Time Nationals and her first step is a killa. Mix that in with a blinding crossover and you've got some issues on defense. She also shot the long ball extremely well and will be a force in this area.

I finally saw Katy Rebels '21 Rori Harmon in action at Prime Time Nationals and after two minutes I was sold. She's poised beyond her years and simply lets nothing faze or fluster her. The stop and pop, the long ball, the finsh with contact are already there plus she can see the floor and defend